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  • "Health Disparities in Endocrinology." Situational analysis prepared for a medical society, prepared May 2011. [BAC and FR, researchers]

  • "Cultural Aspects of Care" (slide set). American Geriatrics Society, November 2005. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Herman R. Cultural diversity and cancer patient education. Poster presented at the 2004 meeting of the Oncology Nursing Society. [FR, collaborating writer]


  • Review article about receptor occupancy profile of a drug for chronic urticaria and allergic rhinitis, prepared June 2007; companion slide set for primary care physicians, prepared July 2007. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Competitive analysis of treatments for seborrheic dermatitis, prepared November 2006. [BAC, researcher]

  • "Dermatologic Diseases and Disorders" (slide set). American Geriatrics Society, March 2006. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Posters for the 2005 annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology on diagnosis of hyperhidrosis and cosmetic uses of botulinum toxin. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Gap analysis on treatments for axillary hyperhidrosis. Prepared June 2004. [BAC, researcher]

  • Review article about an oral agent for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Prepared June 2004. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Gap analysis on side effects associated with retinoids. Prepared May 2004. [BAC, researcher]

  • Acne and Other Follicular Disorders (CD-ROM). Schaumburg, IL: American Academy of Dermatology, 1998. [FR, collaborating writer and production manager] 


  • Cairo MS. Tumor lysis syndrome: understanding, preventing, and managing an oncologic emergency. Online CME program. Prepared April 2012. [BAC, collaborating writer]

  • Report on 2 advisory board meetings about a drug for treatment of acute disseminated candidiasis. Prepared March 2008. [FR, writer]

  • 2 review articles about the use of a growth factor to promote hematopoietic recovery after terrorism-related total body radiation. Prepared 2008. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Review article about how implementation of stroke scales affects patient outcomes. Prepared June 2006. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Review article about using stroke scales to evaluate stroke severity and treatment effect. Prepared June 2005. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • "Anemia in ICU Patients" (slide set). National Anemia Action Council, 2004. [FR, writer]


  • Sales rep training materials about drugs for chronic hepatitis C. Prepared May 2015. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Slide sets for primary care physicians about hepatitis B and C, prepared May 2006. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Dropulic L. The impact of CMV infection on solid organ transplantation. Adv Stud Med. 2006;6(7):319-328. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Chin-Hong PV. Infections in patients with diabetes mellitus: importance of early recognition, treatment, and prevention. Adv Stud Med. 2006;6:71-81. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • "Infectious Disease" (slide set). American Geriatrics Society, January 2006. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Epidemiology and prevention of hepatitis. Coverage of the 2004 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. [FR, writer]

  • Meeting reports, advisory board meetings about treatment of hepatitis C virus infection, 2003. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Anemia associated with the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection (slide set). National Anemia Action Council, 2003. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • SARS: Here to stay? Review prepared March 2003. [BAC and FR, collaborating writers]

  • Qualitative literature analysis about a protease inhibitor, prepared January 2003. [BAC and FR, researchers]

  • Review article about the long-term complications of nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor therapy, prepared November 2002. [FR, collaborating writer]


  • Backgrounder for sales reps about the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, prepared June 2015. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Malcarney MB, Horton K, Seiler N. Overcoming Medicaid reimbursement barriers to funding school nursing services for low-income children with asthma. J School Health (accepted October 2014).

  • Magazine article about how the Affordable Care Act helps cancer patients, with a sidebar about coverage of hereditary cancer. Prepared May 2013. [BAC, writer]

  • Teaching slides and audio transcripts for Oregon Health and Science University, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Prepared March to November 2011: [BAC, writer]
    • Overview of Medical Ethics and Professional Values
    • Ethics, Professionalism, and Law
    • Contemporary Topics in Medical Ethics
    • Ethical Issues in Health Informatics
    • Regulating Health Care: Law
    • Regulatory Agencies and Professional Associations
    • Medicine and Law, Professional Standards, and Medical Malpractice
    • Key Processes for the Confidentiality and Safety of the Patient
    • The Physician-Patient Relationship

  • Caley BA. Does malpractice liability keep the doctor away? Kellogg Insight, August 2008. 


  • Marketing newsletters for a contract research organization that specializes in chronic kidney disease. Prepared 2015. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Clinical trial report about a drug for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. In preparation. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Dasta JF, Pepin JL. The pharmacist's role in optimal management of hyponatremia. Online continuing education program. Prepared May 2012. [BAC and FR, collaborating writers]

  • Badero O. Addressing racial and ethnic disparities in the care of patients with CVD and CKD. Online CME presentation. Prepared August 2011. [BAC, collaborating writer]

  • Fine DM. Optimizing treatment strategies for CVD and CKD: tough decisions for everyday cases. Online CME presentation. Prepared June 2011. [BAC, collaborating writer]

  • Newsletter for sales representatives explaining the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic kidney disease, prepared October 2008. [FR, writer]

  • Reidenbach F. Smoking increases risk of diabetic nephropathy despite ACE inhibition. Reuters news for physicians, 1-28-2003.

  • Reidenbach F. Hyperlipidemia in relatives predicts abnormal lipid profile after renal transplant. Reuters news for physicians, 8-1-2002.

  • Reidenbach F. Microalbuminuria, type 2 diabetes, CVD develop together over decades. Reuters news for physicians, 6-21-2002.

  • Reidenbach F. More aggressive BP lowering urged for adults with renal insufficiency. Reuters news for physicians, 1-7-2002.



  • Laboratory study report about the use of trocar cannulas during vitrectomy. In preparation. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Clinical trial report about a diffractive multifocal intraocular lens. In preparation. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Literature search and competitive gap analysis about trifocal intraocular lenses. Prepared March 2015. [BAC, researcher]

  • Strategic analysis of marketing messages about ophthalmic viscosurgical devices. Prepared March 2015. [BAC, researcher]

  • Marketing gap analyses in ophthalmology. Prepared October to December 2014. [BAC, researcher)

  • Literature search and competitive gap analysis related to a drug used to treat uveitis and macular edema. Prepared July 2014. [BAC, writer]

  • Diagnosing cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis: the role of pediatric ophthalmologists. Newsletter prepared June 2014. [FR, writer]

  • "AMD Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Nutritional Supplementation in the Era of AREDS2" (CME slide set) and an accompanying patient brochure. Prepared June 2013. [FR, writer]

  • "Visual Impairment" (slide set). American Geriatrics Society, July 2010. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Merbs SL. A review of common eyelid conditions for the primary care physician. Adv Stud Med. 2003;3:563-570. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Nguyen Q, Do D. Diabetic retinopathy: an overview for non-ophthalmologists. Adv Stud Med. 2003;3:214-222. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Reidenbach F. Absorption of ultraviolet-A radiation by chromophore may have role in photoaging of skin. Reuters news for physicians, 9-1-1998.

  • Reidenbach F. Light reduction does not reduce incidence of retinopathy of prematurity. Reuters news for physicians, 5-28-1998.

  • Augsburger A, Reidenbach F, Elkins RJ. Practice characteristics of male and female optometrists. Optometric Economics 1993;2(2):32-33.

  • Pediatric Optometry & Vision Therapy. [FR, writer and managing editor,1988 to 1991]

  • High Performance Optometry (developments in primary eye care, written for optometrists based on information from ophthalmology journals). [FR, writer and managing editor, 1986 to 1992]

  • Reidenbach F. "What You Should Know about Contact Lens Wear" [patient education booklet]. Columbus, OH: Anadem Publishing, Inc., 1986.

  • Contact Lens Update (for ophthalmologists and optometrists). [FR, writer and managing editor, 1984 to 1992]


  • Select and summarize journal articles, and conduct interviews with expert orthopedic surgeons, for the Perioperative Pain Management Resource Center of the International Congress of Joint Reconstruction. August 2013 to September 2014. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Section 3 (review of clinical evidence) of an AMCP dossier about a system for total knee arthroplasty. Prepared April 2012. [FR, writer]

  • Overhydration can be dangerous. Prepared for Health Newsletters Direct, April 2004. [BAC, writer]

  • Training for a successful triathlon performance. Prepared for Health Newsletters Direct, April 2004. [BAC, writer]

  • "Low Back Pain." In: Attorney's Textbook of Medicine. New York: Matthew Bender & Co., 1987. [BAC, collaborating writer]


  • Literature search and competitive gap analysis on the topic of neonatal cholestasis, prepared July 2015. [BAC, researcher]

  • Review article about gender differences in fetal and child development. Prepared September 2004. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Caley BA and Reidenbach F. Little crises Dr. Mom can cure---sometimes. In: Family Doctor: Your Essential Guide to Health and Wellbeing. Leawood, KS: American Academy of Family Physicians; 2004:174-175.

  • “Bloodless surgery” protects children. Prepared for Health Newsletters Direct, June 2004. [FR, writer]

  • Reidenbach F. Routine ultrasonography, scintigraphy unnecessary for first urinary tract infection in young child. Reuters news for physicians, 1-16-2003.

  • Reidenbach F. Often possible to detect autism cause. Reuters news for the public, 3-14-2002.

  • Reidenbach F. Common virus linked to childhood brain tumor. Reuters news for the public, 2-19-2002.

  • Reidenbach F. Type of childhood leukemia linked to parental age. Reuters news for the public, 2-15-2002.

  • Reidenbach F. Some lab values may predict response to hydroxyurea in pediatric sickle cell anemia. Reuters news for physicians, 1-29-2002.

  • Reidenbach F. Growth hormone boosts height in short children. Reuters news for the public, 2-17-1999.

  • Reidenbach F. Serotonin may mediate calming effect of stimulants in patients with ADHD. Reuters news for physicians, 1-15-1999.

  • Reidenbach F. Atherosclerosis can begin in childhood. Reuters news for physicians, 6-3-1998.

  • Reidenbach F. Short course of antibiotics sufficient for most cases of otitis media. Reuters news for physicians, 6-3-1998.

  • Reidenbach F. Light reduction does not reduce incidence of retinopathy of prematurity. Reuters news for physicinas, 5-28-1998.

  • Reidenbach F. Genetic defects cause of hyperinsulinism-hyperammonemia syndrome. Reuters news for physicians, 5-7-1998.

  • Reidenbach F. ADHD not overdiagnosed. Reuters news for the public, 4-7-1998.

  • Reidenbach F. Primary care for children meeting challenges. Reuters news for physicians, 3-16-1998.


  • Ryan CJ. Treating bone metastases in castration-resistant prostate cancer. Case-based online CME presentation. Prepared May 2015. [BAC, collaborating writer]

  • Protection against bone loss in patients with nonmetastatic prostate cancer treated with androgen deprivation therapy. Review article for urology nurses, prepared September 2009. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • "Disorders of Sexual Function" (slide set). American Geriatrics Society, July 2006. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • "Urinary Incontinence" (slide set). American Geriatrics Society, April 2006. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Review article about the safety of testosterone replacement therapy with regard to prostate cancer. Prepared April 2006. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Harper GM. Managing urinary incontinence in older patients. Adv Stud Med. 2005;5:537-545. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Five abstracts for satellite symposium, “A Constellation of Risk Factors and Management Strategies for Erectile Dysfunction,” American Urological Association meeting, 2005. [FR, writer]

  • 3 abstracts for a satellite symposium, “Efficacy and Safety of PDE5 Inhibitor Therapy,” American College of Physicians meeting, 2004. [FR, writer]

  • Gaynor ML. Isoflavones and the prevention and treatment of prostate disease. Cleve Clin J Med. 2003;70(3):203-216. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Reidenbach F. Telomerase immunoreactivity of prostate tumors may have diagnostic value. Reuters news for physicians, 12-27-2002.

  • Reidenbach F. Viagra safe, efficacious for diabetics. Reuters news for physicians, 6-17-1999.

  • Reidenbach F. Level of p27 predicts outcome in localized prostate cancer. Reuters news for physicians, 6-17-1998.

  • Position paper submitted to the FDA, reporting on a meeting of an ad hoc group of urologists in response to a proposal to require the filing of a premarket approval application for inflatable penile prostheses. Prepared August 1993. [FR, writer]