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  • Needs assessments for CME programs: adrenal disorders, bariatric surgery, cancers of the endocrine system, diabetes, endocrine surgery, growth hormone, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity, osteoporosis, parathyroid disorders, pituitary disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, testosterone replacement, thyroid disorders, and vitamin D. Prepared November and December 2011. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • "Health Disparities in Endocrinology." Situational analysis prepared for a medical society, prepared May 2011. [BAC and FR, researchers]

  • Needs assessments for CME programs: diabetes, thyroid disease, parathyroid disease, and osteoporosis. Prepared December 2010. [BAC, writer]

Bariatric surgery and obesity

  • Bessesen DH. Adding it up for weight loss. Case-based online CME presentation. Prepared June 2015. [BAC, collaborating writer]

  • Bays H. Practical guideline-based obesity management. Case-based online CME presentation. Prepared June 2014. [BAC, collaborating writer]

  • Kaplan LM, Pinkney J. Point-counterpoint: debating gastrointestinal metabolic and bariatric surgery in endocrine practice. Endocrine Practice 2010;16(2):39-42. [BAC and FR, collaborating writers]

  • Reidenbach F. Orlistat plus diet produces modest weight loss, improves CVD risk factors. Reuters news for physicians, 1-20-1999.

Diabetes mellitus

  • Wysham CH. Quality in diabetes care: achieving quality measures in my practice. Online CME presentation. Prepared June 2015. [BAC and FR, collaborating writers]

  • Peters A. Advances in insulin therapy: improving outcomes by engaging patients. Online CME presentation. Prepared May 2015. [BAC and FR, collaborating writers]

  • Anderson J. Postprandial glucose control in patients with diabetes. Case-based CME presentation. Prepared April 2015. [BAC, collaborating writer]

  • Needs assessment for a CME program about the use of insulin in type 2 diabetes. Prepared October 2014. [BC, writer]

  • Needs assessment for CME program about caring for pregnant women with diabetes. Prepared December 2011. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Literature analysis about SGLT2 inhibitor development. Prepared June 2011. [BAC, researcher]

  • Kendall DM, Chilton R, Einhorn D. A fresh look at hormonal approaches to type 2 diabetes mellitus, weight, and cardiometabolic risk: the role of gut hormones. Endocrine Practice 2010;16(2):33-38. [BAC and FR, collaborating writers]

  • Ismail-Beigi F, Hirsch I, Raskin P. Insulin for inpatients: intensive control outside the intensive care unit. Endocrine Practice 2010;16(2):43-47. [BAC and FR, collaborating writers]

  • Newsletter for sales representatives explaining the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes mellitus. Prepared June 2008. [FR, writer]

  • "Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders" (slide set). American Geriatrics Society, May 2007. [BAC and FR, writers]

  • Review of insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes. Prepared April 2007. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Chin-Hong PV. Infections in patients with diabetes mellitus: importance of early recognition, treatment, and prevention. Adv Stud Med. 2006;6:71-81. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Review article about abnormalities of glucose metabolism associated with atypical antipsychotic drugs. Prepared September 2003. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Reidenbach F. Smoking increases risk of diabetic nephropathy despite ACE inhibition. Reuters news for physicians, 1-28-2003.

  • Reidenbach F. Microalbuminuria, type 2 diabetes, CVD develop together over decades. Reuters news for physicians, 6-21-2002.

  • Reidenbach F. Addition of IGF-1 improves control in adolescent diabetics without increasing adiposity. Reuters news for physicians, 7-6-1999.

  • Reidenbach F. Viagra safe, efficacious for diabetics. Reuters news for physicians, 6-17-1999.

  • Reidenbach F. Cocaine tied to diabetic ketoacidosis. Reuters news for physicians, 9-15-1998.

Growth disorders

  • Rogol A, Frane J, Bright GM. Analysis of hypoglycemic events in a clinical trial of rhIGF-1 treatment of children with primary IGF-1 deficiency. Poster presented at the 2008 meeting of the International Congress of Endocrinology. [BAC, collaborating writer]

  • Reidenbach F. Growth hormone boosts height in short children. Reuters news for the public, 2-17-1999.

Metabolic syndrome

Obesity -- see Bariatric surgery and Obesity

Testosterone replacement

  • Review article about the safety of testosterone replacement therapy, prepared April 2006. [BAC and FR, collaborating writers]

Thyroid disease

  • Review article about the diagnosis and management of thyroid disorders, prepared April 2005. [FR, collaborating writer]

  • Six-month contract to conduct quantitative literature analyses on hyperparathyroidism secondary to end-stage renal disease (2004-2005). [BAC, researcher]